My name is Ari, and I'm The Morbid Mama

I'm 27 years old and married to my wonderful husband Jp. We met freshman year of high school, but it wasn't until our junior year that we fell in love. Who would have thought the nerdy kid I used to copy homework from freshman year would become my husband and the father of my kids?! I went to college and became a dental assistant but decided that wasn't in the cards for me, so I took a different route.

I became a stay at home mother to two little semen demons. I have been so fortunate to have my husband support and help me fulfill my dreams of becoming a stay at home mom. As time started passing by, I felt like there was something else that was missing in my life. Like I needed something to fill a void in my dark, black, icy heart. So after a lot of soul searching, I realized what I needed.


Now, here we are! I decided to make a blog. I want to share my love of all things dark and spooky with you. Ever since I was a little gremlin, I have always been fascinated by horror and the macabre. I definitely owe that to my wonderful mom Traci (thank you for showing me John Carpenter's Halloween at age 4). I've always had such a hard time finding recommendations on horror books and movies, and I wanted to change that. Initially, I was doing mini book recommendations on my personal Instagram and surprisingly found so much joy in it. I love being able to help others find something interesting with my recommendations, but I wanted to do more. So what better place to do that than here?! BUT, here's the catch. This blog will be different, MUCH different. These reviews are going to be short, sweet, and to the point; unlike this first entry. This will most likely be the most informal blog you will ever stumble upon. In other words, my blog will be the ramblings of an overworked and under rested mom.

Posting days AKA Morbid Monday, will happen every Monday at 8am EST.

I am always looking for new book/movie suggestions, so feel free to head to the forum or send me a message on what you want me to review next!

With that being said if you like horror and the macabre, then you're in the right place.


So come on in, and get nice & cozy in my dungeon.