Final Girls by Riley Sager

GENRE: Thriller, Mystery | LENGTH: 352 Pages

Hello my creepy little bookworms! Welcome back to my dreadful blog. Today is going to be a little bit of a lazier review. We are back at it again with the one and only Riley Sager. This book is definitely up there with in the rankings next to Home Before Dark. I read this one immediately after I finished HBD and was so happy that Sager can consistently write a good book. Now enough small talk. Let's discuss shall we?


10 years ago, Quincy Carpenter took a weekend trip with her college friends. But only she returned. She was the lone survivor of a brutal slasher level massacre but can't remember any details of that night. After that moment, she was officially a 'Final Girl'. Along with Lisa who survived a sorority house massacre, and Sam, who faces the sack man during her shift at the Nightlight Inn. Quincy has now moved on and leads a fairly normal life. She runs a successful online baking blog and has a wonderful boyfriend Jeff. She also has the support of Coop, the officer who saved her from that horrible night 10 years before. But now the first 'Final Girl' Lisa has been found dead in a bathtub with her wrists cut. Immediately after, Sam arrives on her doorstep. But for some reason Sam is adamant on making Quincy remember that horrible night at Pine Cottage, which makes her question why Sam is really there.

Have I mentioned how much I love Sager? Because goddamn I LOVE Sager! All of his books have a tendency to draw me in immediately and keep me hooked until the very last minute. I kept trying to guess this book and although I kind of got it, I still wasn't prepared for what truly happened. But, that's this author for you! There's action, suspense, mystery, and a couple of bad ass bitches coming together to solve some crazy shit. This book kept me wanting more and questioning everything I thought I knew. Not only was I at the edge of my seat constantly, but I decided to just make the edge of my seat my new reading spot. Want so crazy twists, turns, and a good story? Well Final Girls is exactly what you're looking for!

Overall Rating: 9/10

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